Film And Media Studies

Teaching Assistant. FMS 85A,B,C: Introduction to Film and Media Studies. Department of Film and Media Studies. University of California, Irvine (Three Quarters, Profs. Liu, Johnson, and Krapp)

This is a year-long lower-division major requirement that introduces students to theories and methods in image culture. 85A, Introduction to Film and Visual Analysis, focuses on the language and techniques of visual and film analysis. Students learn to analyze the moving image, emphasizing the ways framing, camera movement, sound, and editing produce meaning, reproduce historical ideologies, foster or disrupt narrative, and cue spectators; 85B Broadcast Media History and Analysis surveys the history of broadcast media from the radio era to the present day, including social, political, institutional, and audience analysis as well as methods of visual and aural analysis of these media; 85C New Media and Digital Technologies studies digital media, computer-mediated communication, and Internet cultures, from historical and theoretical perspectives.

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