Postcolonial Film Studies



“Identity and the Politics of Space: Fatih Akin’s The Edge of Heaven (2007).” Postcolonial Film: History, Empire, Resistance. Eds. Rebecca Weaver-Hightower and Peter Hulme. New York: Routledge, 2014.

Fatih Akın’s 2007 feature, The Edge of Heaven, destabilizes essentialist tendencies as it situates spectators at the interstices of multiple and fragmented linguistic, religious, ethnic, generational, and stylistic contexts. Traveling between and within these spaces, the film not only blurs the boundaries separating nation and diaspora, but also exhibits the redemptive, “heavenly” potentialities lying at the edge of an open transnational space. This is why, after rapidly progressing through an intertwined and cross-directional movement, Akın closes the film with a sequence where all action stops. In this essay, I discuss the dialectical relation between the film’s cross-directional mobility and the sudden stillness of the closing title sequence to rethink the aesthetic and temporal potentiality of home and diaspora.

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