Site Specific Installation: Letter to LA

“Letter to Los Angeles,” Mulholland Dérive. LA Road Concerts, curated by Stephen van Dyck. An interactive site-specific installation completed in-collaboration with Ilknur Demirkoparan. December, 2012.

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LA Road Concerts presents, Mulholland Dérive, curated by Stephen van Dyck: a one-day exhibition of site-specific projects along the entire 21-mile stretch of Mulholland Drive from over 110 Los Angeles artists.

“Letter to Los Angeles” is a public live installation by Vuslat and Ilknur Demirkoparan, who bring together different groups of people from LA by asking them to compose a collectively written letter a

ddressed to the city. We ask participants to slow-down and reflect on the city; recall their memories and experiences of Los Angeles no matter in which way they are a part of it or not. The eventual coauthored letter is a product of the
many discrepant thoughts, criticisms, comments, and other ideas about life in LA. Its fragmented and eclectic style, we believe, effectively captures the feeling of the city.

The Hollywood Bowl Overlook provides participants with a vast view of the city. As the most eastern of the Conservancy’s scenic overlooks, the Hollywood Bowl Overlook faces the Hollywood Bowl Amphitheater,
downtown Los Angeles, the Hollywood Sign, and Griffith Park Observatory.

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