Travel Narratives and Ethnography

W301: Communication Skills II. Soka University of America. Course Title: “Travel Narratives and Ethnography.” (Spring 2015 & 2016).

This is an upper-division required writing course listed in the Humanities concentrateion area. The course is designed to teach students advanced writing, research, and critical thinking skills through the instructor selected theme of Travel Writing and Ethnography. Students read, discuss, and write about a range of historically, culturally, and politically significant texts on the course theme from various disciplinary approaches. Readings include Jerry Bentley, Mary Louise Pratt, Fatimah Tobing Rony, Coco Fusco, Horace Miner, Robert Launey, Lila Abu-Lughod, Partha Chatterjee, and Rey Chow.  Assignments include weekly discussion posts, detailed headnotes, in-class writing workshops, oral presentations, and two independently-designed research projects in preparation for the senior-year capstone.

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